Having more than 25 years of hands on experience of the founder in the field of steam system and various process industries, At Formax, our passion is to help our customers to provide complete end to end solution towards Energy efficient, safe & robust steam system by providing high quality of engineering services including energy audits, utility designing consultancy, project management consultancy and best in class products right from steam generation to steam distribution, utilization & condensate/flash steam recovery.

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  • Certified Auditors for doing steam surveys & audits.
  • Certify Boiler Efficiency
  • Calculating blow down losses
  • Feed Water Management system
  • Steam Trap Audit and identifying Leaking Traps and traps not working.
  • Checking Trap sizes.
  • Certifying Line sizes and distribution losses.
  • Correct Line and Process Pressure and Temperatures.
  • Condensate recovery factor
  • Certifying entire piping and installation for entire steam system
  • Providing solutions for all Improvement points
  • Implantation support


  • Utility covered : Steam, condensate, Thermic Fluid, Compressed air, Process water
  • Optimal system Efficiency for the entire system.
  • Designing for the absolute safety of the entire system.
  • Optimizing the process time so as to maximize Plant output.
  • Quality of the produce through precise control of process parameters.
  • Design optimization for minimal Capital cost.
  • Plant Design for ease of Maintenance and long life.
  • Provide Detailed Engineering Drawings
  • Final BOQ preparation


  • Qtrly health check of steam & condensate accessories includes valves, traps, control valves, condensate recovery system
  • Report submission with existing uptime & achievable maximum uptime.
  • Suggestion for the implementation.
  • Mapping/documentation of uptime improvement after implementation.
  • Steam engineering class room training at site.
  • O & M training of steam & condensate accessories to the maintenance team.


  • Technical evaluation of offers received from vendors and prepare evaluation / recommendation report for each Tender
  • Periodic review meetings ( offline/online), coordination with selected supplier and collecting data in the pre vendor finalization phase of the project
  • Review and approval of Completion schedule, engineering drawings, isometric drawings and Inspection documents prepared by each vendor.
  • Track the progress of all the supplies and vendors to ensure the schedule is being followed
  • Provide technical assistance where required to the vendor.
  • Conduct meetings with the vendors on a periodic basis and preparing Minutes of Meeting with the vendors / client.
  • Supervise the installation of the above vendors to ensure adherence to drawings and tender Specs.
  • Certification of Work and Progress Billing as per the schedule mutually agreed
  • Provide post commissioning assistance to client for any utility performance issues in relation to design
  • Factory visit for the material inspection prior to dispatch of the material
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